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Our Rebornia clinic, which began service in 2020 and works on aesthetics, beauty, aesthetics and dental treatment, weight loss and life support, is the product of 20 years of education, of experience and knowledge.

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Rebornia, with its aesthetic experts and plastic surgeons, dentists, beauticians, psychologists and nutritionists, works as a team to discover not only surgical and medical procedures, but also everything about living well, feeling happy and peaceful, and being present to its patients.

Human life is made up of cycles. It has its ups and downs. Rebornia is a training that accompanies you to be reborn at these turning points, perhaps just when you say to yourself “it’s over”. Together, this is the formula to get rid of your visual problems with effective and fair touches at the right time, to hold on to life with your natural and renewed image, and to renew your self-confidence. We promise you to be reborn with our team, ready to find.

What makes Rebornia so special?

In Rebornia, the most important feature that makes Rebornia different

from other clinics offering similar services, the clinic is distinguished by the presence of specialised surgeons and specialists who use the latest techniques/technology and innovative interventions in every procedure. Especially in areas such as rhinoplasty;


Preservation, no scar, open and closed

Breast Augmentation

Enlargement, reduction, lifting, gynecomastia

Lifting Aesthetics

Face lift, eyebrow lift, neck lift

Face & Body Lift

Liposuction, Deep Plane, Jaw Line, Skin Lift

Body Shaping

Cellulite Treatment, Regional Slimming, Lipostar

Dental Aesthetics

Hollywood Smile, Implant, Veneers, Bleaching

In Rebornia,not all plastic surgeons does every surgery.
Rebornia cosmetic surgeonsare specialized in this type of surgerywith global experience and knowledge.


Our medical team will make you feel safer and more special.

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Feel Like a Princess or Prince in the Caring Arms of Our Support Team:

Taking care of the patient before and after surgical procedures, ensuring that the recovery process is as comfortable as possible, and having direct contact with the patient during this time is as important as the success of the operations performed.

The Rebornia Mental Support Team, which provides support in such cases and in a sense coaching our patients, is trained to help face-to-face on the other end of the phone when the patient cannot reach the surgeon, having had experience with hundreds of patients for over 10 years.

You can view detailed information about the Academic Trainings and Experiences of the Rebornia Surgical Staff and Support Team by clicking the link; You can start an Online Support Request for the field you are interested in.

Are you ready for the quality that will make you feel special?

We book the most private and highest quality hospital in Istanbul for you.

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About Us
About Us

Why Istanbul?

Especially in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery, Istanbul is the aesthetic centre of Turkey, ahead of many countries in the world.

At the same time, evolving techniques and the rapid recovery process provide patients with the opportunity to enjoy the cultural and natural beauties of Istanbul, the Bosphorus and the countryside, to sample the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine, and to socialize in the days following surgery.

When it comes to surgery, it is a thing of the past to be in pain for days and be tied to the bed. The Rebornia Team will ensure patients to recover with minimum pain level after the surgery, quickly recovered and stood up; They will be preparing social trips and activities specific to the patient’s situation so that they can spend the process not like a patient, but like a tourist who has traveled to Istanbul for a vacation. As soon as they stay in the hospital for 1 night and get discharged in the morning, we will place them in their hotel to take their first shower, which we call the “Rebirth Shower”. If you are looking forward to spend your days after surgery resting at the hotel, having breakfast next to the Bosphorus the next day, and then take a historical tour in Istanbul and have dinner at an elegant restaurant, you can contact us for details.

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We add quality to our quality

We increase our service quality to the highest level with Turkey’s leading brands.

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