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Acıbadem Maslak

Preliminary Chain of Acıbadem is Renewed

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital is the largest Branch of Acıbadem Health Group, after the service area was increased by 2.5 times and the capacity reached up to 364 beds. Rendering services in all departments of medicine, Acıbadem Maslak Hospital offers diagnosis and treatment services also in the field of cancer through the radiotherapy devices.

Easy Access
Easy access, whether by VIP or by public transportation, because of its location
Leed Gold
Acıbadem Maslak Hospital is the first and only hospital with Leed Gold certificate.
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Stay in Rooms With Good Amenities

We offer accommodation in modern hotels with easy access to shopping malls, tourist attractions, airport and business centers in Istanbul.

Relax at the contemporary Radisson Blu Vadistanbul Hotel
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Relax at the contemporary Swissotel
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Bringing a high-level understanding to the health business from scientific studies to diagnosis and treatment processes, to the technological infrastructure, is now opened in Vadistanbul.

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Oligark Istanbul

You can feel the comfort, luxury, delicious food and spectacular scene all at once. All you need is to book your seat now and enjoy the most special tastes with your loved ones in the unique view of Istanbul.

Shopping Center
One of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul, where many quality brands are located.
Explore the joy in unique events everyday
Concert Area
Vadistanbul brings together the stars of the music world with music lovers.
You will be satisfied with the taste of where famous restaurants are located.
You can instantly watch the movie you want with Cinemaximum quality.
Relax at the contemporary Istanbul Hotel Radisson Blu.
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Next to the NEF Stadium (Stadium of Galatasaray, one of the biggest Turkish Football Teams), Vadistanbul is a very large and quiet shopping mall. Automated Shuttle transportation with metro connection is a unique feature of this mall.

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