Breast Lift in Istanbul Turkey

Breast Lift

Breast tissue, which is soft and does not contain muscle, cannot resist gravity after a certain amount of time.

Breast Lift in Istanbul Turkey
Breast Lift in Istanbul Turkey

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What is a Breast Lift?

Breast tissue, which is soft and does not contain muscle, cannot resist gravity after a certain amount of time. It loses its upright and lively appearance because of reasons such as frequent weight gain and loss, breastfeeding over one child, not doing sports, using the wrong bra, and giving birth. A breast lift operation, which is preferred among aesthetic operations, applies to regain its old appearance. After the operation, you will have the erect and firm breast shape you dream of.

With aging, the skin loses its elasticity. Unstretched skin sags. Because of reasons such as sudden weight loss, the fat cells in the breast lose their vitality. In living breast tissue, the nipple is below the inframammary fold line. No procedure other than breast lift surgery can lift the sagging breast.

A doctor’s examination is necessary to decide on the operation. During this examination, the patient is standing. The location of the nipple and the amount of breast tissue are measured.

According to these measurement results, the doctor decides whether the patient is suitable for the operation. It is questioned what the person expects after this operation. The nipple cannot be lifted with the applied massage, cream, or instrument.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, no matter what technique is used. Depending on the technique the surgeon will use, the operation time varies between 2-4 hours.

According to sagging, silicone is placed under the breast tissue during the procedure. First, an incision is made from the area where the excess skin will be removed. After this incision, the nipple is positioned, and a prosthesis is placed if the physician deems it necessary.

Finally, the aesthetic suture is taken, and the operation is completed. The physician determines which technique will be used in the breast lift process after the patient has made the check-ups.

Who Should Have

Breast Lift?

Even if the sagging of the breast tissue does not pose a health problem, it disturbs women psychologically. However, this operation may not apply to every woman. If we list the people who have undergone breast lift:

  • People with severe sagging breast tissue after birth and breastfeeding
  • Excessive growth of breast tissue because of overworking of hormone metabolism
  • It is the deformation of the breast tissue because of the drugs used to treat different diseases.
  • People with congenital loose breast tissue

People who have these criteria listed can have this operation as long as their general health conditions allow. Your doctor will tell you whether you are suitable for the procedure after making the check-ups. You can ask any question that occurs in your mind during the examination.

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    Before Breast Lift

    Preoperative preparation is required. If people are using blood thinners at this preparation stage, they should leave it under the supervision of a doctor at least 1 week before. Products such as cigarettes and alcohol should not be used for 10 days in advance. On the day of the operation, one should come to the hospital by fasting for at least 8 hours. The preparations to be applied by the doctor are made in the hospital. If deemed necessary before the operation, the doctor uses radiological imaging techniques to determine whether there is a harmful mass in the breast tissue. If any mass is detected, this mass can also be removed during the surgery. The removed mass is sent to pathology for examination. In this way, existing diseases are revealed.

    Post-operative care is very important. Thanks to the care, both the recovery time is shortened, and the result is obtained in a shorter time than the procedure.

    Thanks to the cold application method, you can cope with swelling and pain. We recommend it to use a sports bra. This facilitates the creation of a new shape of the breast.

    No dressing is applied other than the thin tape adhered to the aesthetic sutures. Your problems, such as wrapping, do not happen after the procedure.

    The drains are inserted in the first 24 hours after the operation are removed. You can take a shower two days after the drains are removed. The doctor removes the sutures during the second week’s check-up. A sports bra should be worn for four weeks.

    Since the bra is tight and reclining, it helps the patient in pain management. Intense edema develops after the operation. For this reason, the new shape of the breasts is not fully seen. At least 10 weeks should be waited to see the result of the procedure.

    There may be hematoma formation in the lower part of the nipple. For this reason, if there is severe pain and stinging when a sports bra is worn, consult your doctor immediately and have your check-up. Hematoma is a problem that needs immediate attention. Therefore, its neglect can cause serious dangers.

    You should immediately inform your doctor about the negative situations you notice in yourself after the breast lift procedure.

    After Breast Lift

    Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift Surgery?

    During the lifting operation, it is aimed at protecting the own tissue of the breast. Therefore, no damage is done to the milk ducts. However, depending on the technique preferred by the surgeon for the procedure and sagging, milk ducts may be damaged sometimes. If you have a plan to give birth, consult your doctor before you plan a breast lift.

    1,5-2 Hours
    Operation Time
    General Anesthesia
    Type of Anesthesia
    10-14 Days
    Back to Work
    1 Night
    Breast Lift in Istanbul Turkey

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    Can There Be Sagging Again After Breast Lift Surgery?

    After the prosthesis is placed during the operation, the probability of sagging is very low. However, sagging may occur again because of reasons such as major weight gain and giving birth. For this reason, a breast lift operation is recommended for people who are no longer planning to give birth and whose weight gain is stable.

    Does Breast Lift Surgery Treat All Chaps in the Breast?

    During the lifting process, only the skin in the lower part of the nipple is removed. Cracks in the breast tissue are usually near and above the nipple. Since these areas are not intervened during the process, it is not possible to remove the cracks. You should not trust the clinics that promise to get rid of your stretch marks with a breast lift.

    Are the scars that will remain on the breast after a breast lift Will Be Uncomfortable?

    During the skin recovery process, T, L, and I-shaped incisions are made according to the doctor’s technique. In this way, traces remain. However, these scars under the breast tissue are not visible when viewed.

    When the breast prosthesis is placed, the tissue rises more, and scars are seen when viewed from the opposite side. However, with effective wound care, these scars are unclear. The scars on the nipple are not seen because this area is dark.

    1 year after the operation, these scars fade completely. If you are worried about scarring, you can consult your doctor. Rebornia Clinic is an institution that also specializes in wound care. For this reason, you can come to our clinic and get rid of your surgery scars completely.

    Significant scarring, which we call hypertrophic scar, is seen as a complication of surgery. We usually see this condition in people with diabetes, heavy smokers, and people with genetic wound healing problems.


    In addition, clinics that do not use the correct technique and ignore the hygiene rules during the procedure may also cause.

    Breast Lift Prices

    The prices of the operation vary according to the institution where the operation is performed. We do not recommend you to decide on the institution without getting enough information about breast lift prices.

    The opinion of the physician is taken while determining the price of the procedure. Because the technique is to be used by the physician, whether the prosthesis is applied or not, and the duration of the procedure is effective.

    Although the prices of hospitals that do not provide quality and reliable services are low, the risk of complications is high. Infection, hematoma formation, and worst of all, loss of the nipple.

    It is perilous to lose the nipple after this operation, which is applied with aesthetic concern. For this reason, you should not take service from clinics whose quality you do not trust. You can contact us for the successful completion of the breast lift process.

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    Curious about breast lift

    The average cost of a breast lift is $5,012, according to 2020 statistics from the Rebornia Center. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

    While discomfort or pain after surgery is to be expected, women usually mention that breast reduction or breast lift surgery is a lot less painful than what they expected. Generally people comment that it’s more ‘discomfort or pain limited to the incisions’, rather than pain within the breasts or over the chest.

    A non-surgical breast lift vacuum works much like cupping, in which a medical vacuum is placed on the pectoral muscles which lift loose breast skin. This procedure can also help blood circulation and soften fat deposits in the breast. The benefits from this noninvasive breast lift are: Quick recovery time.

    By Rebornia Center • Medical review by Hasan Alım, M.D. on May 06, 2022.

    Published Jan 06, 2022 Updated May 06, 2022.

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