Neck Lift

Neck Lift

One of the most frequently applied operations among aesthetic operations is neck lift.

Neck Lift
Neck Lift

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What is a Neck Lift?

One of the most frequently applied operations among aesthetic operations is neck lift.

The neck skin may become excessive because of aging, disruption of hormone metabolism, stopping of the body’s collagen production, and other reasons. Excessive skin causes an old, sick, and bad appearance.

Hormone values ​​change in the postmenopausal period of women. These hormones affect skin health and functions. Skin sagging and skin sagging are more common in women than in men.

For this reason, the mass that prefers neck lift operation is female patients. The shortening of the angle between the neck and the chin and the appearance of wrinkles is very disturbing.

Even if it is not a health-threatening situation, it causes psychological depression because of a lack of self-confidence.

Fat accumulation occurs with sagging skin in overweight people. Here, the jowl formation known among the people is seen. In such cases, lubrication is effective.

Besides skin collection, liposuction can also be applied to these patients. Specialist physicians decide on the operation.

It is generally preferred for people aged 55 and over. However, this operation can be performed in earlier periods because of different diseases and traumas.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

An appointment is given to those who decide on the surgery. Blood tests and anesthesia consultation are completed a day or two before so that he can receive anesthesia.

The person is taken to the operating room. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. First, an incision is made from the tissue in the front of the ear towards the back of the ear.

This incision is applied around the ear so that it can be hidden from the outside. After the incision, it is separated from the fibrous ligaments under the skin of the face and neck.

Suspension is applied to the muscle and soft tissue on the face that moves the facial expressions with the help of stitches.

If there is fat accumulation under the chin, liposuction is applied. With a 4-centimeter incision under the chin, the neck skin becomes free.

The skin is stretched and shaped into a corset. At this stage, if the surgeon needs, he can put a chin prosthesis on people with a small chin and back.

Finally, aesthetic sutures are placed on the cut areas and the operation is completed.

With the combined treatments applied during the surgery, the procedure time is 5-7 hours on average. This period may be extended or shortened.

We recommend you consult your doctor about all the details you are wondering about the surgery before the procedure.

Neck lift is a complicated operation. Therefore, the selection of a surgeon is highly important.

What Should Be Considered

Before Neck Lift?

There are some points to be considered before the operation. We can list these issues as follows;

  • All the examinations requested by the doctor should be done completely before the neck lift.
  • People who use alcohol, cigarettes, and blood thinners should stop using them 1 week before the operation.
  • Clinic selection should be done carefully in order to prevent any infection and to get healthy results.
  • A surgeon specializing in aesthetic surgery and neck lift should be selected.

The number of centers providing aesthetic operation services is increasing day by day.

Undesirable situations such as unhealthy procedures, an increase in post-procedure complications, and a decrease in satisfaction may occur.

Therefore, the choice of clinic is very important. A clinic should not be selected without detailed research and the complication statistics of the clinic.

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    Who Is Suitable For Neck Lift?

    The surgeon decides who is suitable for this surgery. Patients who apply to our clinic for a neck lift are subjected to a physical examination by our specialist doctors. At this stage, our physicians question the general health status of the person, sagging in the neck area, the age of the patient, and whether he is suitable for anesthesia. People with chronic diseases are first taken to surgery after their body values ​​are stabilized. Regardless of the surgical intervention applied, the general health of the patient should be good. Otherwise, it may pose a life-threatening risk. Suitable persons for neck lift can come to our clinic and this operation performed.

    Hospitalization is required on the first day of surgery. A drain is inserted to collect the fluids accumulated behind the ear during the operation.

    One day later, this drain is removed, and the patient is discharged. Cold compress application is important to prevent edema and bruises.

    After 5-7 days, the sutures placed on the face and behind the ears are removed. It can be difficult to start daily life right away.

    Postoperative pain is normal. Painkillers prescribed by the doctor can manage pain after neck lift.

    Care should be taken during hair care and make-up. Light and gentle movements are required, especially during the hair combing process.

    Activities such as steam bath and sauna cause infection and inhibit wound healing.

    Therefore, these activities should be avoided for at least 2 months. Sunscreen should be used regularly at least for 6 months.

    It should be applied at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun. Employees can return to work 2 weeks after the operation, provided that they are light-paced.

    After Neck Lift

    What Are the Risks of Neck Lift?

    Possible risks of surgery are infection, bleeding, scarring, nerve damage, and skin loss. It is very rare to experience skin loss.

    However, excess skin may need to be removed from wounds to heal as a result of intense infection.

    Therefore, this requires a second operation. Motor and sensory nerves on the face may be damaged during the facelift procedure.

    There is a decrease in facial movements and problems with facial expressions. Depending on the extent of the damage to the nerve, this may be temporary or permanent.

    Wound healing is good after surgery. However, there may be a bad scar because of reasons such as genetic predisposition or care.

    If there is a bleeding complication after the surgery, drainage treatment should be applied. In severe bleeding, blood transfusion is absolutely necessary.

    In order to prevent this complication, blood thinners should not be used before and after the surgery. We expect infection in people who neglect the use of antibiotics.

    1,5-2 Hours
    Operation Time
    General Anesthesia
    Type of Anesthesia
    10-14 Days
    Back to Work
    1 Night
    Neck Lift

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    What are Neck Lift Techniques?

    Different techniques can be used for neck stretching. Radiofrequency method, hanging by a thread, surgical intervention, and botulinum toxin.

    Scarlet S gold needle process is used in the radio frequency method. It is a form of energy therapy. It is done with a device comprising 25 micro needles.

    This device sends micro energies to the area where it is applied. At least 2000 shots are made in each session. Approximately 4 sessions are applied with an interval of one month.

    It is an effective neck stretching treatment. However, it must be applied by conscious health staff. Otherwise, unexpected side effects may occur.

    The suspension method is applied using silicone-coated carrier ropes. Thanks to this method, sagging skin is recovered.

    In botulinum toxin application, a substance is injected that somehow paralyzes the nerves and prevents the muscles from sagging.

    This substance does not have a long-term effect. However, it can be applied to people with low sagging.

    Neck lift surgery is a technique that gives definite results that almost all patients are satisfied with.

    Neck Lift Surgery Prices

    You can contact our clinic to get detailed information about surgery prices. Neck lift prices vary according to the preferred technique for the procedure. For hygienic and helpful aesthetic treatments that you will be satisfied with, you should research the performances of the clinics before the price research.

    These procedures, which are applied for aesthetic purposes, can cause health problems. Our clinic provides services to all its patients with the same ethical values. You can choose us for a safe and successful neck lift.

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    Curious about neck lift surgery

    Sedative medications allow the patient to remain awake but relaxed, with local anesthesia so there is no pain. The procedure itself takes several hours, during which the surgeon makes small incisions around and behind the ear, and a very small one under the chin.

    However, you can expect your neck lift to last between 10 and 15 years if you remain in good health. If you opt for this procedure in your early 40s to address problems with the muscle structure in your neck, results will last a lot longer than if you are in your 60s and addressing loose, sagging skin.

    As long as you are physically healthy and feel challenged by loose folds of skin along your neck, this procedure may be a great option. While there is no magic number, most patients are between the ages of 35 – 65.

    By Rebornia Center • Medical review by Hasan Alım, M.D. on May 06, 2022.

    Published Jan 06, 2022 Updated May 06, 2022.

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