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Under Eye Light Filling

What is Under Eye Light Filling?

Under-Eye Light Filling can cause problems around the person’s under-eye area due to excessive fatigue of the body and bad habits, and these problems can be solved with this method.

The first and most obvious effect of aging is drooping, sunken and swollen under-eyes. In addition to these, some disorders have a negative effect on the appearance of the under eye. In some people, problems may occur under the eyes due to genetic factors.

Light filling procedures are one of the medical procedures that increase the level of hydration in the depth of the skin tissues and beautify the skin. Light filling is applied to the area under the eyes by injection and improves the appearance of bruising and darkening there. Thanks to these filling processes, wrinkles, sagging and tired appearance are eliminated and problems such as color unevenness under the eyes are eliminated.

With the light filling, the loss of volume in the under eye area is also corrected and the area looks more vigorous. In addition to the problems in the under-eye area, it also provides under-eye light filling to lighten the color of the under-eye skin.

It is possible to achieve the targeted appearance, especially thanks to the hyaluronic acid in the filler. As a result, a bright and luminous appearance is obtained under the eyes.

One of the most important things to know about light filling processes; is that the procedure is not suitable for advanced aging deformities. These applications are used in cases where the skin of the person is not excessively wrinkled, the recovery is very mild and the volume loss is low.

Under Eye Light FillingWhat Does Under-Eye Light Filling Do?

The skin area around the eyes is very thin and conditions such as wrinkles are first seen here. One of the most common signs of aging on the face is under the eyes.

The most important reason for the appearance of problems such as dark circles under the eyes is the loss of volume in the area. In order to prevent these volume losses, hyaluronic acid is injected into the under eye area. Thus, as a result of these procedures applied under the skin, volume losses are eliminated.

The benefits of light filling procedures are as follows;

With correctly performed under-eye light filling procedures, the pits around the eyes are raised and it is provided to reflect the light better.

Thanks to the special components in these filling processes, which provide the healing of the tissues in the applied area, it renews the skin.

Since the elevation takes place immediately after the procedure, the change in the eye area and eyelid is noticed in a short time.

It is very important to do a careful study during the filling application in order to achieve the targeted success. In particular, the area should be sterile and the equipment used should have appropriate contents.

With light filling procedures, the pits under the eyes are at the same level as the cheeks.

This filling application provides beautification of the skin and brightens the skin.

It prevents the appearance of old and tired by eliminating the problems under the eyes.

Thanks to the filling processes, it is possible to achieve the desired appearance of the person in a short time.

In Which Areas Is Under-Eye Light Filling Applied?

Light filling is generally performed between the eyes and nose, and in the area of the eyes and cheekbones. At the same time, under-eye light filling procedures are performed for problems such as under-eye cupping, sunkenness and darkening.

This application is also done to remove the bruises and pale appearance under the eyes. It is one of the most suitable treatment methods especially for under-eye bags and under-eye wrinkles.

The areas where the light filling is applied are usually determined according to the purpose of the process. Whatever the problem under the eyes of the person is, appropriate treatment planning is made. Filling processes are used if volume losses are to be eliminated or if a missing tissue is to be healed. The general purpose of light filling processes; It provides improvement in tired and pale-looking eyes.

Light filling is preferred to remove bruises and darkening under the eyes. It is possible to achieve a vigorous and healthy under-eye appearance as a result of light filling procedures performed for the under-eye area and where sensitive techniques are applied. The stages of the under-eye light filling process are as follows;

The application is carried out in a sterile and suitable environment.

Fillers with low water-retaining properties are prepared for these injection processes and applied to the areas.

In the light filling procedure, a single injection of 0.6-1 cc is applied to many patients. In some people, this amount can be increased even more.

The effect of the procedure shows itself after 1-2 weeks.

8 different filling materials are used in light filling processes, but the most effective of them is hyaluronic acid.

ronic acid is a naturally known substance in the human body and helps slow down the signs of aging in the body.

These filling materials, which have healthy and safe ingredients, are processed and the desired results are achieved.

Who Can Have Under-Eye Filling?

Light filling procedures are applied to people with many different problems under the eyes. With the advancing age, a pitted appearance appears in the under-eye area. The reason for this appearance; Although it is caused by genetic structure or the natural structure of the face, it is sometimes seen in younger people.

People who can benefit from light filling;

People who have the appearance of depressions and pits in the detention area

People with bruises and darkening problems under the eyes

People with wrinkles and sagging problems under the eyes

People with bags under and around the eyes

People who are in good general health and over the age of 18 can have under-eye light filling procedures.

In some cases, light filling may not be ideal procedures for everyone. Especially after a certain age, everyone can experience under-eye problems. With age, the support structure of the eye weakens and as a result, many problems can occur in the area under the eye. Volume losses, fat loss and sagging may occur in this area.

It is very important to make a general assessment of the problems under the eyes and to prepare a treatment plan for these problems. The person authorized for the process decides whether the light filling application will be made or not. If the treatment content required for the person is light filling, a treatment is arranged accordingly. If this is the case, a different treatment method may be used.

What are the Advantages of Light Filling?

With these filling procedures, the person’s under-eyes have a more lively and lively appearance.

As a result of under-eye light filling procedures, which focus on many problems under the eyes, the skin structure is raised and a brighter appearance is achieved.

A tired image appears on the face due to darkening and bruising under the eyes. Light filling processes are very effective for removing this tired image.

When applied under the eyes, it renews the tissues in the area and provides a lively appearance in that area.

Light filling is not a surgical application and processes such as stitches and incisions are not experienced during the procedure. Therefore, there is no need for hospitalization and there is no need for a long recovery period.

It is a short-term and comfortable procedure and it is possible to return to work and social life immediately after the process is completed.

Light filling helps the under eye area to look younger and healthier.

It is a procedure that restores skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness to the skin.

It removes bruises and darkening under the eyes and helps to improve the color of the skin. Thus, a pleasant appearance will be created around the under-eye area with under-eye light filling.

This application also contributes positively to the moisture capacity of the skin.

The contour difference seen in the area between the under-eye area and the cheek is also eliminated.

Thanks to the light filling processes, a hard and smooth appearance is formed in the under-eye area and the light is reflected well.

What Happens After Under Eye Light Filling?

Light filling procedures are among the procedures with low side effects compared to other methods.

Complications seen after the procedure go away on their own after a few days.

Since fine-tipped injection is used in the filling process, slight bleeding can be seen in people with sensitive skin.

The substances in the filling materials are reliable and there is no allergy test for these substances.

After the application, redness and bruises can be seen in the area. These pass in a short time.

Things to consider after the procedure;

Make-up should not be applied around the eyes for the first 24 hours. After under-eye light filling procedures, the eye area should not be rubbed and massage should be avoided.

During the first 3 days, one should not take a hot bath and should not go to the Turkish bath and solarium.

Heavy exercises should be avoided for the first 3-4 days.

Smoking and alcohol should not be used during the first 3 days after the procedure. At the same time, it should not be consumed in blood thinning pills and foods containing high caffeine.

Other treatment methods should not be applied to the eye area immediately after the filling process.

If conditions such as severe pain and coldness on the skin are observed in the area after the procedure, the doctor of the procedure should be informed immediately.

After the filling process, the care of the area should be as follows;

Pressure should not be exerted on the treated area and the area should not be rubbed.

After the procedure, attention should be paid to hygiene conditions. Cream should not be applied to the application area for the first 24 hours after the under-eye light filling procedure. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the use of other cosmetic products.

Only drugs and creams recommended by the doctor should be used. ir. At the same time, other recommendations of the doctor should be followed and attention should be paid to the whole process.

If a different treatment method is to be applied after the procedure, the doctor’s approval should be obtained.

How Long Is Under-Eye Light Filling Permanent?

The permanence time of light filling applications differs from person to person. After the process is completed successfully, information can be obtained by monitoring the permanence status. Factors that determine the permanence of the transaction; It is the genetic structure of the person and the amount of filler used.

The average permanence period for light filling is 1-1.5 years. After this process, the effect of the filling wears off and the under-eye light filling can be done again. In addition to having the light filling done again, it can be done in a second session if needed.

The permanence of the light filling procedures performed to make the under-eye area look fresher and younger lasts between 12-18 months. Session intervals are usually made every 3 weeks. It is possible to achieve clear results from the first session. For some people, light touch-ups may be required after the procedure.

The permanence of under-eye light filling is longer in people who do not encounter any problems during the filling application and whose sessions are held at regular intervals. The content of the fillings applied in the process and sessions is adjusted according to the problem of the person and no negative situation is encountered.

Light filling, which is used in the treatment of problems under and around the eyes due to aging, is applied more in people whose muscle layer in the region does not relax and the problems are mild.

How Many Sessions of Under-Eye Light Filling Need to be Applied?

A single session is generally considered sufficient for light filling applications and it is possible to achieve the targeted under-eye appearance with a single session. However, after the session is completed, minor touch-ups are included in some patients. Therefore, depending on the person’s under-eye problems, sessions of under-eye light filling procedures take place.

The number of sessions required for the light filling process varies depending on the problem of the person. The most important condition affecting the number of sessions for the application determines the degree of the problem under the eyes. As a result of the analysis and evaluations to be made before the application, it is revealed how many sessions the person needs.

Another situation that affects the number of sessions of the filling process is the rate of hyaluronic acid used. It is very important to proceed correctly in this trading process and to trade safely by dividing the sessions. Visible results emerge from the first sessions of under-eye light filling procedures. A certain amount of time is needed to achieve the best result.

How Long Does the Effect of Under-Eye Light Fill Last?

Most of the filling processes are temporary due to the materials used. Therefore, the effect of under-eye light filling application also has a certain duration. A person may think that he has got rid of many problems permanently if he has a filling procedure, but this is not true. It is impossible to get rid of all the problems on the skin by performing a light filling procedure once.

Light filling procedures are not permanent and the effect generally lasts between 9-18 months. This period may be longer for some people compared to the care and controls to be made after the procedure. Lifestyle and care can further prolong the effect of light filling. After the effect of the filler wears off, the under-eye and its surroundings return to their old appearance. However, it is possible to benefit from filling processes again after the effect of the process wears off.

One of the most important advantages of filling applications is that it can be done again after the effect of the process has passed. In fact, there is no general restriction on how many times this process will be done.

In addition, the effect and permanence of the under-eye light filling process, which is carried out regularly, may be longer. If filling procedures are performed at regular intervals from the first session, changes are seen in the duration of the filling in the body.

When time comes between the filling processes, the hyaluronic acid substance is absorbed by the body. In this way, the effect of the filling disappears. For this reason, it is recommended to perform filling operations again after the application effect has passed. The person can have the desired number of filling procedures and get rid of the problems under the eyes.

Under Eye Light Filling Prices 2024

The costs of this procedure are different in each clinical center. Therefore, the center where the under-eye light filling will be performed should be investigated in detail beforehand. Accordingly, many factors that change the price scale can be mentioned. These elements are;

Center for the transaction

The experience of the doctor and his team who will perform the procedure

Quality and quantity of filling

The duration of the procedure and the number of sessions to be performed

The layout, equipment and extra services of the application environment are included in the prices. Also some k Price contents are offered as package options in the clinics. Especially if combining treatment methods are applied, price options come to the fore as more economical.

Pricing procedures in clinics cause costs to decrease or increase. For detailed content about under-eye light filling prices, you can contact the preferred center and get information about the process. You can contact us for information about 2024 under eye light filler prices.

Frequently asked Questions

When is normal life returned after filling?

Filling processes are divided into two as temporary and permanent methods. If temporary methods are applied, filling processes are completed in a very short time and easily.

In addition, filling applications are not surgical operations and there is no need to rest because there is no suture-incision procedure. Therefore, it is possible to return to normal life immediately after light filling.

How Does Under-Eye Filling Swelling Go?

After the light filling procedure, slight swelling may be seen in the application area. This is one of the side effects of the procedure and goes away in a short time. Ice can be applied after the procedure to make the swelling go away more quickly.

In addition, the doctor’s recommendations should be taken into account in this process. Thus, the side effects disappear quickly. In case of prolonged swelling, a doctor should be consulted.

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