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Under Eye light Filler

Under-eye light filling, an aesthetic treatment that can be applied to everyone regardless of gender, is one of the most important services offered by Rebornia Center.

Eyelight Filling
Eyelight Filling

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What is Under-Eyelight Filling?

Under-eye light filling, which is an aesthetic application that can be applied by everyone regardless of gender, is one of the most essential services offered by Rebornia doctors. This light filling, which is performed in order to eliminate the lousy appearance around the eye parts that directly reveal the beauty of the face, is very effective, especially in deficient areas.

The treatment of under-eye light filling, which is used to remove bruises or bagging in the under-eye area, does not provide a definitive solution. Additional treatments may be needed. The cause of bruises under the eye, especially experienced by women over the age of 30, is often genetic. The treatment of light filling, which provides a solution to this problem, cannot show the same successful effect for the bags that occur in the under-eye.

For this reason, it is required to perform a physical examination by our specialist doctors during the treatment phase of the related filling process. In this under-eye light filling technique, which contains hyaluronic gel, there is also a polyvitamin complex as an auxiliary substance.

With the help of this low-intensity hyaluronic acid and vitamins, a direct effect is provided on the bruises formed under the eyes, and the regeneration of cells is provided.

Over time, the skin’s constant signs of aging cause a gradual decrease in the amount of collagen in it, which brings along bruises under the eyes. The light-filling process applied to prevent these problems is a popular technique today.

If you are uncomfortable with eye bags, you can contact us to get the best treatment for Under-Eye Light Filling at Rebornia.

How is Under-Eye Light Filling Applied?

The light filling technique, which is among our services, is applied using different techniques compared to other filling processes.

Complications in this technique, which must be applied by a specialist doctor, can only be deformed in this way.

First, there are certain differences in the treatments of the filling process, which are determined after the physical examination of the eye parts.

This technique, which is not applied under the skin, is applied directly to the bone structure in the eye area. Another issue that requires attention in this filling process is that the light filling should be given at slow intervals.

This method, which is a completely painless technique, prevents the formation of pain after the application.

Today, the application of under-eye light filling, which can be applied without discrimination between men and women, is not recommended for people who are in the pregnancy process.

Since there is no clear scientific data that the vitamin and element used during its application cause any harm to the baby, possible risks are not avoided.

This application, which is generally based on the age of 30, is terminated as a result of applying certain fillers under the eyes or around the eyes to the problematic areas.

Before Under

Eyelight Filling

Under-eye light filling, which is applied in order to have a healthy and youthful appearance of the eye structure, is one of the most frequently used filling techniques of Rebornia doctors.

In order for this technique to be applied properly and to bring success as a result, there are certain points to be considered before the procedure.

First, people who consume nicotine-containing substances such as cigarettes should stop this use in an average of 2 weeks. Since the substance in nicotine makes the blood flow slow, quitting smoke is absolutely necessary for the filling process.

In addition, alcohol consumption should be stopped before the procedure, since alcohol consumption has the same effect.

Since blood thinners trigger excessive bleeding, the usage of such drugs should be discontinued for at least 2 weeks. Besides all these, light is of great importance in nutrition before filling.

An especially regular and balanced diet has a great effect before this process. The balanced nutrition process, which affects the healing process deeply, is provided by choosing foods that will give a healthy appearance to the skin structure.

The treatment of light filling applied with proper nutrition achieves more successful results.

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    The number of people who have an under-eye light filling, which is among the filling types and provides a very pleasant appearance for the eye area, increases day by day.

    Among the comments made by the people who made this treatment on social media, it is mentioned the fact that the filler achieves very successful results, obtaining a magnificent appearance in and around the under-eye area, and being a short-term technique.

    In addition, the ease of application of this filling process is one of the most basic criteria that increases this demand and positive comments.

    The fact that it does not contain any harmful substances and does not cause harm to any part of the body increases the demand for this filler.

    Filling treatment, which is very satisfying for those who have it, has a deep effect on the eyes.

    Patients Who Had Under-Eye Light Filling

    After Under Eye Light Filling

    There are very important points to be considered after the under-eye light filling, which allows for obtaining a bright appearance in the under-eye area. Among these issues, special attention should be paid to the application of ice complex to prevent bruises and swelling under the eyes after the procedure, ensure that the eye parts do not come into contact with the heat on the first day after the application, and avoid excessively demanding sports movements and physical activities.

    In addition, after the under-eye filler procedure, where extreme heat and cold are severely affected, due attention should be paid to this issue and contact with the eye should be avoided. In addition, protecting the eye parts from any impact is among the most important issues to be considered in this process.

    Under Eye Light Filler Shortcomings

    As a result of the research made frequently by people who want to have a beautiful under-eye structure, no damage was found related to the filling process. This method, which is applied by using hyaluronic acid, which is known as an acid that resides completely in our body, does not cause any harm that will affect the health of the body.

    The method used during the application of this acid, which also does not contain an allergic reaction, does not harm the eyes or any surface. This filling application, which is harmless, brings a renewed appearance in the under-eye area.

    30-60 Minutes
    Operation Time
    Local Anesthesia
    Type of Anesthesia
    5-7 Days
    Back to Work
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    Eyelight Filling

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    How Does Under-Eye Light Filler Work?

    With the increasing demand day by day, under-eye light filling, which is gradually strengthening its place in the field of aesthetic surgery, shows great effects in the area where it is applied. This filling process, which has a short-term effect on issues such as a healthy appearance and a beautiful and renewed appearance, causes the facial area to look renewed.

    The light-effect filling system, which has a great effect on the regeneration of the skin, which takes on an aged appearance with the deformations that occur under-eye area, and on obtaining a brand new, young, and dynamic appearance, is also very effective in making the clay feel better psychologically and regain self-confidence.

    To get information about the surgery and our clinic’s services, you can reach us at any time of the day via our contact numbers. As Rebornia, we always offer services with new technologies. You can also benefit from the helpful services provided by our clinic and you can choose us for Under Eye Light Filler Treatment.

    Under Eye Light Filler Prices

    The treatment of under-eye light filling, which is frequently applied by Rebornia doctors, is a treatment where the demand is increasing day by day with great intensity.

    In addition, the selection of specialist doctors and private clinics is also very effective in this pricing. When all these come together, a clear price range for the relevant aesthetic treatment cannot be determined. It is possible to get an under-eye light filling service at an affordable price.

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    Curious about eyelight filling

    Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last anywhere from 9 months to 1 year. Calcium hydroxylapatite typically lasts from 12 to 18 months. Poly-L-lactic acid can last as long as 2 years. A fat transfer may last as much as 3 years.

    Under-eye fillers are a cosmetic procedure designed to add volume to the area under the eye where it may be sagging or look hollow. And they’re very popular. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 3.4 million procedures involving fillers were performed in 2020.

    Rebornia says that under-eye fillers are great if you need to fill up lost volume—meaning you have noticeable tear troughs and physical hollows beneath your eyes—but they aren’t necessarily an instant fix for all dark circles. “Filler won’t help pigmentation.

    By Rebornia Center • Medical review by Hasan Alım, M.D. on May 06, 2022.

    Published Jan 06, 2022 Updated May 06, 2022.

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