No Evidence Let Down Preservation Scarless Closed
Nose Job

This technique is pioneered by the founder of Rebornia Center, Rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Emre Uregen.

It consists of shortening the healing time, reducing the bruising, and providing a scarless operation leaving no evidence to show that a surgery was done.

No evidence nose job is a form of closed endonasal internal rhinoplasty, that is done with a limited number of incisions and less dissection, which makes the procedure more difficult if it is not operated by well-experienced doctors like Dr. Emre. All incisions are made internally with no external evidence of scar or discoloration

Dr. Emre’s patients are consistently thrilled with the results; even their closest family members and friends have difficulties accepting that a procedure was done.

What sets Dr. Emre and Rebornia apart, is that we are able to obtain the most significant changes in the nasal aesthetic and breathing, while improving balance within the face and maintaining an entirely natural and untouched appearance.

Rebornia is the place where you born again.
Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey

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Closed Nose Job
Closed Nose Job

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Elasticity Flexibility

Let Down Rhinoplasty
Let Down Rhinoplasty

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Tailor Mode

What is Nose Job?

The procedure applied to change the shape of the nose and restore the lost functions of the nose are together called rhinoplasty.

It is needed for reasons such as external traumas on or inside the nose, deformations in the inner bone and cartilage structure of the nose, larger than normal nostrils, and low nasal tip.

Having a large nose tip is the most unwanted situation in terms of aesthetic appearance. If it does not harm the nose function, it can bother people as an image.

Problems in and on the nose affect people physiologically and psychologically in a negative way.

For this reason, although it is thought to be for aesthetic purposes, nose surgery should also be seen as a medical application.

Rhinoplasty should be performed with clinics that are qualified, professional, and aware of the importance of human health.

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How is Nose Job Performed?

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. There are basically two different methods for the operation.

They are named as closed and open rhinoplasty methods. The closed rhinoplasty procedure is performed through the nostrils. There is no external incision on the patient’s nose.

The surgeon views the tissues and performs the operation through your nostrils.

This method is an advantageous technique for both the surgeon and the patients.

Although the operation time is slightly longer with closed rhinoplasty, the recovery period of the patients is completed earlier than the other method and more natural results occur.

In the open rhinoplasty method, an incision is made in the columella area between the nostrils.

The nasal tissue is completely elevated by stripping it over the nasal cartilage. The nasal bones are accessed and the existing deformations are corrected.

A tampon is placed in the nose and the process is completed by suturing.

The recovery period of the patients is long. Swelling, bruising, and bleeding are more common in the face area.

The frequency of preference for open surgery has decreased in recent years. Open surgery is not preferred as long as the patient’s clinic and deformations in the nose allow closed operation.

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Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey

Less Swelling

Better Selfies

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey
Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey


What are the Advantages of Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty offers advantages for people both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The advantages of the aesthetic operation performed by a successful surgeon and a well-equipped hospital are always better. If we list the advantages that people get after the operation:

Deformations in the shape of the
nose are removed and it gives an aesthetic appearance.
Since the shape of face will be more
proportional and aesthetic, people’s self-confidence will increase.
Respiratory functions are corrected
by fixing the closures in the nostrils.
Oxygen level in the
body increase due to regular and adequate respiration.
Oxygen-rich tissues
contribute to a more active and healthy life.

The effects of the operation can last a lifetime. However, patients should definitely pay attention to their lifestyle. Especially in the first year, the nose should be protected more than ever against external influences.

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Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey

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Who Are The Best Candidates For Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty operation can be performed to people who are uncomfortable with the shape or functions of the nose. People who have broken nasal bones, problems in the cartilage structure, a larger nose tip and difficulty with breathing, especially at night, can have this operation. The doctor determines who is suitable for the procedure after making the necessary examinations.

Contrary to aesthetic appearance, nasal deformations can cause great damage to nasal functions. Usually, one side of the nostrils can be closed, but sometimes, there may be a problem with both nostrils. People with this problem experience a sore throat and a dry mouth because they sleep with open mouth at night. Low life quality occurs in their daily life and work performance. Anyone who has completed the age of 17 and has completed bone development can have this operation.

Patients with serious injuries in the shape of nose because of trauma and other traumas due to traffic accidents can have this operation before the age of 17. You can ask your doctor if you are suitable for surgery.

2-4 Hours
Operation Time
General Anesthesia
Type of Anesthesia
4- 7 Days
Back to Work
Lifetime Result
1 Night

Before Nose Job

A qualified and detailed preparation should be done before rhinoplasty surgery. The chronic diseases of the patient are evaluated first. General health status must be checked. Blood pressure and blood sugar values ​​are checked as well. If these values ​​are above or below the standard level, the doctor’s recommendation for the operation should be taken into account. People who use blood thinners and herbal products are advised by the doctor to take a break from these drugs and products for a certain period of time before the operation.

After Nose Job

After-care for rhinoplasty patients is very important. Care is required after the operation to minimize the risk of complications. Hospitalization is required on the first day after surgery. Medications prescribed by the doctor should keep the pain at a minimum level.

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey

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Things to Consider After Nose Job

After the rhinoplasty operation, silicone tampons are placed inside the nose. These tampons are removed between three days to a week after the operation. In the first week, bleeding in the form of leakage from the nose may occur.

You don’t need to interfere with this bleeding. After the surgery, moisturizing cream should be applied on and inside the nose for at least one month. Peeling can be seen on the nasal surface. Therefore, it is important to use a humidifier.

Food and beverage that will increase bleeding and swelling should not be consumed. Intense sports activities should not be done for 2 months.

If the swelling and pain do not stop despite the use of the drugs prescribed by the doctor, you must visit your surgeon, asap! In such cases, you should definitely visit your doctor for check-up.

The doctor will give you information about what you need to pay attention to after the check-up.

Nose Job Prices

Rhinoplasty prices may vary depending on the clinic or hospital where the operation is performed.

In addition, while determining the surgery costs, the location of the clinic and where the operation is performed, the operation technique, the number of personnel required, and the duration of the operation are taken into account.

We do not recommend that you decide on the hospital without researching the price policy. Since our clinic is an institution that always gives importance to human health, it considers the operating costs as the last subject to be spoken with the patients.

Although rhinoplasty is a relatively simple procedure, it is a surgical procedure. For this reason, when deciding on the clinic, you should learn about the conditions and rules of the operation before the price policy.

Otherwise, the clinics that are inferior may cause irreversible damage to your health. Hundreds of clinics are opened every year in today’s world as the significance of the aesthetic appearance arise.

The increase in the number of clinics leads to a decrease in the quality of the procedures. We do not recommend that you make a decision without doing a profound research about clinics.

For detailed information about our rhinoplasty operations, you can contact us via our Gsm numbers.

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How much does rhinoplasty cost? The average cost of rhinoplasty is $5,483, according to 2022 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

A rhinoplasty does permanently restructure your nose, and the results typically last for your entire life. Of course, it’s possible for your nose to alter in shape if you experience a facial trauma; for example, a car accident. In addition, the natural aging process may result in some very subtle changes to your nose.

In most patients, it takes roughly 6 weeks for the bones in your nose to heal following surgery. During this time, you should avoid exhaustive exercise. Even movements that seem harmless like stretching, lifting, or bending over can increase nasal swelling.

By Rebornia Center • Medical review by Emre Üregen, M.D. on May 06, 2022.

Published Jan 06, 2022 Updated May 06, 2022.

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